“Adding full time thriving to your resume is about taking the adventures you want, sharing it with the people you want, and creating prosperity for yourself and those around you. A life designed from the inside out.”
– John Templeton

Let’s face it….

… not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur at this point in their life and that’s totally ok.

Being a busy professional or employee can be a lot of fun and give you the stability and opportunity to experience some pretty great gifts as long as you’re in a place that is a good fit and you’re willing to have some adventures on the side.

The challenge with being a busy professional is that your resume can get a little boring and could use use some amplification.

It’s time to add full time thriving to your resume.


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“I got to a point where I didn’t want life to be the way it was but I didn’t know what to do. The things I didn’t want to deal with are now a thing of the past and I wake up every day happier than EVER and aligned with my dreams and it’s all thanks to you!”

Sales Manager ShopFully International Group

“I am seriously awakened with more love and happiness thanks to John Templeton, with your guidance I have begun a journey of self love, peace, joy, passion, assertiveness, power, and better than anything an understanding and commitment to making my life everything it can be. You truly enrich the life of those you come into contact with and for that I will be forever grateful”

Senior Council Executive

“My perception of life, the world and myself has changed. If you’re serious about growth then this is the science and the experience you need in your life! Thank you John!!”

Naval Chief Petty Officer

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