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A bit about John…

John has had the unique opportunity to experience a vast array of life at a young age. From training the Special Forces, becoming a national bodybuilding champion and achieving a Guinness World Record, to travelling the globe, investing in real estate, building and selling multiple businesses and going on to run life changing personal development events.

John knows how to motivate and inspire change in others from a strategic standpoint and also an energetic standpoint that encompasses a dynamic approach of both empathetic nature and discipline.


Speaking Topics

Finally! Add Full Time Thriving To Your Resume!

This style of talk is John’s cornerstone with his high energy and positive nature mixed with unique concepts of growth and personal development that seamlessly connect the modern western world of hard work and motivation with the more metaphysical world of ease and flow that creates a life of success and fulfilment.

Ways To Escape The Fear Of Leading

In this talk John creates a powerful environment to forge world class leaders by drawing upon his lessons from the military and business. Leadership is within everyone, and it is through personal empowerment that leaders can find their own style within John’s leadership framework. The result is a tribe of unique and precise leaders ready to take their own tribes to the next level

John Unplugged

This can be a custom talk based on your and the audiences needs. JT is a powerhouse guest speaker with a wealth of knowledge across the board that allows him to penetrate and motivate any audience. His special weapons come through his unique persona and energy that connects with the crowd at their level in a fun, informative and energetic environment

Book John to speak at your next event


Book John Templeton to speak at your next event, podcast or interview